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FAQ wash carpets

Care and maintenance of the principles of the carpet

Carpet as well as any other means to prolong life need to essential proper care and maintenance.
Observe the following tips can help you in reaching the consumer's desire to help.

Carpet Cleaning Method
   The carpet in local and wide sloping surface it is quite wet. Then prepare a solution of carpet shampoo and warm water and wash with a sponge all over the carpet. After the surface of the carpet and wash with water so that detergent is completely out of the carpet. Finally rugs hung to dry in a place, or at a steep place. The moisture on the outside and perfectly dry.
Is recommended even possible to wash the rug carpets submit valid.
Care and maintenance
1. Do not leave the carpet in wet places. Because moisture causes decay in the long run will be your carpet.
2. Do not put carpet in direct sunlight.
3. Do not leave the carpet near heat sources and flammable.
4. Move the carpet as possible in the time it rolls right and then proceed to relocate.
5. Heavy furniture such as sofas, tables, etc. in different time periods and shift to create localized in the surface of the carpet prevent compaction.
6. carpets are always at risk of getting trampled, dirty and fall. So at least once a week by a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of your carpet.
7. In the case of stains on the carpet immediately to resolve it in accordance with the guidelines bellow.

Stain removal methods:
1. Each of stains that can be removed, remove with a spoon.
2. A solution of white vinegar shampoo carpets and prepare warm water and pour on the spot.
3. clean white cloth that has been dipped in white paint thinner or alcohol rub and put on the spot.
4. Prepare a solution of carpet shampoo and warm water.
5. clean white cloth dipped in a solution of carpet shampoo and warm water is put on the spot.
6. Place the stain so rub the stain causing material is completely dissolved in the solution.
7. Place the stain with a white cloth and dry thoroughly the effects of stain and rub it well with clean water and be aggregated.

Maintenance and cleaning instructions:
Clean up:-
Handheld vacuum cleaner is recommended for cleaning carpets. Use a vacuum cleaner with far too spicy and cleaner Do not use the brush gear.
- sunlight:
Never rug constantly in order not intense sunlight. Thick curtains or blinds to block the sunlight of use.

- Abrasion:
How often carpet upside down to a foot size is eaten and are subject to Abrasion. If you have a piece of carpet under your door, set the door when the rotation is not the carpet back.

- move the carpet:
Carpets as well as some of the smooth stone carpet mosaic tile floor of the foot moving eating. To avoid this case can be esters or lattices sponge-like material (PVC) used software. The liner should be smaller than the dimensions of the carpet.

Cleaning stains:
▪ chewing gum stains with moraine here. With the help of a spatula carefully remove it from the surface of the carpet.
▪ candle stains with moraine here. With the help of a spatula carefully remove it from the surface of the carpet.
▪ conventional ink stains (ink) with a little yogurt mix and collect. Do this several times in order to fully absorb the essence of our being.
▪ fruit juice, tea, milk, chocolate and coffee with warm water and soap or shampoo clean.
▪ sweet liquid (syrup, sweet tea, etc.) accelerates the rotting carpet. The effect of these fluids should immediately clean the carpet.
▪ for the removal of grease and wax, soap or white vinegar and use a neutral cleaner.
▪ blood effects and eggs with salt, soap and white vinegar with warm water will be deleted.
▪ collect oil spilled initially with a spoon. Put a piece of white cloth on the contaminated solution and the semi-hot iron  with iron, white cloth will absorb oil in the carpet body.
▪ to remove soot, especially on dark-colored carpet, sprinkle salt on the stain. After 1.5 hours with a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

Carpet cleaning:
Carpet cleaning is recommended to keep rug reputable companies. Before washing the dust from the carpet be removed. Specific shampoo carpets use.

▪ Drying Carpet:
Carpet on the scaffold for the soft light as the sun spread around the whole flow of air.
Hung or spread out on the lawn or using the light from the sun to dry the carpet avoid light vitriol.
A heating device using direct heat such as heaters, fireplaces, radiators and for drying the carpet, the carpet can cause damage.

Part of the carpet to dry moisture, to help sponge, towel or cotton cloth, water collects and then wet the gentle sun and gentle heat with a hair dryer or hand, from behind the carpet dry.